Class Descriptions & Registration


Yellow Elephant Yoga Kids

YEYKids - Show Up. Fill Your Bucket. Practice Lovingkindness. Share Your light. Shine On. These are our 5 Pillars of what YEY is all about. Here, every kid is center stage and every kid shines in their unique way. Empowerment is a wonderful benefit to this practice. It’s all about finding your light-what makes you special and you-you! Then cultivating the confidence in a supportive environment to share it with friends, community and the world.

Baby & Me Yoga

Incorporate your baby into yoga your yoga poses. Take time to stretch and massage baby.  This is a wonderful bonding opportunity for parents to feel supported and relaxed as they bond with their baby. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with other parents.  This class is like a time out for mommies and daddies. A really good one. The beauty of a yoga practice is that it gives us space; space to see the unique and beautiful being before us and within.  


Post Natal Core Restore

Get back into shape with baby! Pilates and elements of yoga is a fabulous way to restore your core. Core is essential in the rehabilitating after childbirth. After birth there isn’t much time to restore. Attention to restoring the deep abdominal muscles, pelvic floor engagement and alignment of our spine help us to maintain optimal alignment for lifting, feeding and running after little ones. A side effect may be a reduced waistline- but we haven’t heard any complaints yet.


Toddler Yoga

Toddlers are so busy these days! They are learning to communicate, interact with others, express themselves and explore the world. It looks like all fun and games but… it’s hard work! Toddler Yoga is an awesome balance of structure (learning songs, yoga poses and practicing sharing and listening skills) along with relaxation and ways to calm and restore their busy nervous system. Our goal is that your little one learns and practices age appropriate skills in a balanced and fun way that honors all the changes the body and brain are undergoing during this stage of development.


Preschool Yoga

This playful yoga class is the perfect way to introduce your child to the joys of yoga. In preschool yoga your child will learn body awareness while supporting social and emotional learning and building confidence. Your child will begin his/her yogic journey with animated breathing techniques, playful yoga poses and themed stories and songs.

School Age Yoga

This is an awesome opportunity to move the body and create a mindfulness practice.  All classes start with a Check In, incorporate Breathe-work, Asana (Yoga Postures), Savasana(integration) and a Mindfulness Activity whether mindful crafting, meditation, games or sound healing.  The intention is to experience the empowerment and peace that come from a solid practice grounded in our innate ability to tap into all the good stuff that already exists within. By calming the nervous system and restoring balance in the body we can open our heart to ourselves and our community.

Simply Me Yoga

The beauty of yoga is that anyone can practice yoga and do it well! Our Yoga program is for kids of all abilities. It is a place they can shine, a place where they can feel good about being who they are, as well as a place to learn and practice socialization skills, mind body awareness, breathing techniques to calm the nervous system and how to navigate their emotional body. Our staff is highly skilled with years of experience working with kids who may need more support or support in a less traditional way. Everyone is special- these are just our super special yogis xoxo Each class is age appropriate and range from Simply Me (3-5), Yogi Mind (6-8), Yoga Explore (8-10) and Wind Down (10-14). Please email Bella for intake information at Also, if you have a child (or sibling) who would like to be a helper please let us know! Click on Link to learn more about these classes in detail.


Tweens & Teen Yoga

YEY recognizes that anxiety, depression, healthy body image, and impulsiveness are very real issues that tweens and teens start to run up against as they transition to adulthood. Yoga and Mindfulness provide a wonderful alternative to allowing these big emotions to overtake us. Cultivating a deeper connection with ourselves and enjoying a feel good kind of fun are wonderful ways to stay strong in mind and body.

Family Yoga

YEY is all about restoring and sharing your light. Who better to do this with than the your family. Also, family yoga is a beautiful way to support one another in a mindfulness practice that happens both on and off the mat.

Prenatal Yoga

A great way to stay fit and relax during pregnancy. According to the Mayo Clinic, doing yoga while pregnant can also prepare you for childbirth and promote your babies health. All the boxes checked-Healthy Baby & Healthy Mama.